What Makes a Perfect Skin Care Cream?

Buying skin care cream might seem like a simple thing. One would think that if a product was marketed as a skin care moisturizer cream, it would contain moisturizing ingredients. http://drozskincare.com/ The truth is somewhat different. Most skin care cream contains water and petrolatum or mineral oil. Water is the only moisturizing ingredient in that mix. Petrolatum and mineral oil are derived from byproducts of the petroleum industry. They are not similar to the oils produced by the human body.

The sebaceous glands, found within the follicles or pores of the skin, secrete a natural lubricant called sebum. It is primarily composed of fat. If a skin care moisturizer cream is to truly increase the skin’s moisture content, it must contain oil that is similar to sebum. Otherwise, it will not be absorbed.

Petroleum-based oils leave a greasy feeling, because they are never fully absorbed. They clog the pores and cause blemishes. As time goes by, they will actually cause excessive dryness. If you’ve ever used chap-stick, you probably realize that it feels good for a day or so, but then your lips will start to feel dryer and dryer. That’s because it is primarily composed of paraffin, a petroleum based wax. Natural plant waxes are better alternatives.

The better skin care moisturizer cream on the market contains glycerin. Glycerin has been shown to increase the skin’s moisture content by about 5%. The best skin care cream on the market is four times better. It increases moisture by 20% or more. It even improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture. After 18 days, a 10% improvement in moisture retention has been measured by researchers.

The key ingredient in this effective skin care moisturizer cream is called Functional Keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up more than 90% of the epidermis, the skin’s outermost layers. Most lotions that list keratin as and ingredient contain a denaturalized form that cannot be used by the skin’s cells.

Functional Keratin was created using patented processes that do not denaturalize it. It was originally developed to reduce inflammation, irritation and help heal dermatitis. The symptoms of that condition are excessive dryness, flaking, redness, itching and cracking. It worked for that and other things as well.

Skin care cream containing Functional Keratin has been shown to improve firmness by as much as 40% and stimulate the production of new cells. Decreased skin cell production is one of the things that cause our faces to look older, as time goes by.

So, if you choose the right skin care moisturizer cream, you may find that you look younger than other people in your age group, as time goes by. If you choose the wrong one, you are very likely to be disappointed or possibly have an adverse reaction.

Along with petrolatum and mineral oil, almost all of the skin care cream contains artificial preservatives, the most common cause of adverse reactions. Look for creams that are preserved with natural vitamin E. It will help preserve your appearance, too.